Keith Crowley

Region: South


City / State: Sarasota, FL

Sense of place is a location in our minds triggered by a range of stimuli; scent of blooming plants, echoes of trainyards, smooth and tacky handrails of an escalator—channeled memories shape our perception. In the final stages of our lives, it is often this minutia that is clearest and most palpable in our memory.

The primary focus of my work is based on our relationship between memories and familiar landscapes. Specificity of color is the most important factor in relating this experience in the painted image. The layering paint uses thin layers of saturated colors, often in a field or wash application.

Painting offers a unique opportunity to cultivate nostalgia inside the viewer’s memory blank. The involvement of the hand while deciding on placement of line, shape, and color work with the viewer, but they also plow the painter’s own memories and emotions in the midst of the process. Both painter and viewer project their own associations upon the image.