Keith Crowley

Gallery Affiliations: Bridgette Mayer Gallery

Region: Northeast


City / State: Philadelphia, PA

These paintings are the result of remembered daily experiences and directly observed references. Throughout this series of works, it is important that the image was always conceived in a common thoroughfare. The image begins and ends in solitude. The process of digging through the snapshots feels like ghost hunting. Snapshots are the remnants that become references for these paintings, which can only suggest these solitary experiences. Photographs are effective in distilling movement, helping the painting achieve placidity. This is also a stage in the process when useful accidents most frequently occur in the image making. The camera lens generalizes shapes, reducing visual hierarchies, unifying the remembered experience.

Painting enhances human metaphor. Multiple translucent layers of color create aberrations and inconsistencies that reflect individual hand-made decisions in the process. The repetitive daily cycles of haste produce meditative stillness. This contradiction is the basis of my exploration of color and its relationship to the familiar yet elusive landscape.