Kayla Rumpp

Region: MFA Annual

 This work is inspired by the relationship between painting and sculpture and formed by a fascination with childlike ways of making and seeing. Moments of inconsistency leave traces of human interaction within the repetitive systems. This offers a tension between the meticulous drive for perfection and the inescapable tendency toward imperfection. A work that is suspended within the conflict of itself. By playing with baser kitsch materials and viewing them through a deconstructed viewpoint, I hope to mirror the ingenuity of intuitive childhood invention.

Building blocks and popsicle sticks are often used or reimagined in the work in an effort to simulate the act of child’s play and gamelike manipulation. Vibrancy and value are cardinal to the work and are simultaneously veiled and expanded by the abatement of shadow. I allow the work to exist in a transitory place where values fluctuate through different installation formats. My hope is to create immersive work that the viewer will experience with an altered perception that is slowly formed and evolves in time with it.