Katy Horan

Gallery Affiliations: Swarm Gallery

Region: West

Website: http://www.katyart.com/

City / State: Austin, TX

My work examines female roles and patterns of representation found throughout history and mythology. I pull from a variety of sources, using mixed references and visual fragments to construct new versions of familiar figures and recurring narratives. I intend the image to be at once identifiable and ambiguous, inviting the viewer’s imagination and personal associations to inform interpretation.

Over the years, I have used my work to explore the many incarnations of the witch archetype. Using the Granny witches of Appalachia as a jumping-off point, I have been investigating the nuanced duality of the healer/witch figure of the American South, Appalachia, and the Ozarks. I am interested in the way this figure shape-shifts across history, culture, and folklore and is sometimes goodly, sometimes wicked, and often somewhere in between.