Katie Davis

Region: Midwest

Website: http://www.katiekdavis.com

City / State: Dublin, OH

 My paintings are both about intimate, domestic experiences and made from intimate, domestic materials like old sheets, fabric, coffee filters, yarn, and paper. Sometimes my work spills off the panels and into the home or gallery space in which it lives. This merging of art and life interests me as a painter. I want my work to feel as worn and lived in as a comfortable armchair. My color palette is derived from trends in interior design. I watch IKEA catalogs closely for their unusual color pairings, and have no qualms taking my palette from a place that many can afford and find comforting.

The figure is also in my work. Hands, feet, arms, and tangles of legs show up from time to time, interacting with abstract pattern and shape. Anatomical correctness is not as important to me as a feeling of whimsy or closeness that I achieve by using features of the human body. These forms also express an experience of motherhood and domestic life that is both universal and unique to my journey.