Katia Santibanez

Gallery Affiliations: Morgan Lehman Gallery

Region: Northeast

I live in the two different but complementary worlds of the city and the countryside. I am interested in making a new world and bringing abstraction to another level. I am inspired by nature and architecture, and I use the grid to organize the artistic worlds I create. All these realms connect at the point where order and power, structure and balance, chaos and beauty, talk to each other.

Elements of nature such as leaves, ferns, trees, and waves feed my creativity. My curiosity leads me to invent a world of geometric abstraction that opens the door to repetitions and differences, care and pleasure, the micro and the macro.

The system of the grid or stripes plays with the idea of power and control, something nature and human beings have in common. The worlds I create are mysterious and bring the viewer to a state of wondering, What is it?

Featured on the NAP/Blog:
March 23, 2014