Kathy Robinson-Hays

Region: West

Website: http://www.kathyrobinsonhays.com

City / State: Duncanville, TX

I have begun to worry that we behave more like tourists rather than keepers of this fragile planet. As an adoptee, I have the luxury of imagining myself to be from everywhere and nowhere.

The Recurring Dreams series was inspired by a photo of the Tyuonyi Pueblo Ruins in Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico. The beauty of the circular remains regularly weave in and out of my dreams only to be interrupted by flashes of images of oil spills and melting glaciers. The series started as mid-sized paper pieces stained with different colored teas that loosely followed the shape of the circular ruins. The small square panels came about by cropping, focusing, and rethinking fragments of these larger pieces. I work in a stream of consciousness that jumbles bits and pieces of images from the past with those of the present.

By layering, tracing, cropping, outlining, doodling, staining, collaging, and photocopying I hope to create familiar (yet not so familiar) images. From decorative hoodies to earthworks—the inspirations never end.