Kathryn Clark

Region: Pacific Coast

Website: http://www.kathrynclark.com

City / State: San Francisco, CA

I use traditional textile mediums to reflect current global crises. This approachable medium presents the viewer with facts they might prefer to conveniently ignore. What at first seems beautiful, upon further investigation reveals a darker tale. My artwork questions the long-range implications these issues have on our environment, society, and economics. I use investigative journalism, historical research, infographics, and mapping to inform the work. I compose and relay these stories onto cloth, creating a historical document of our times.

Inspired by the historical storyboard of the Bayeux Tapestries, Refugee Stories is a series of embroidery panels that follow the journey of the Syrian refugees into Europe. The monumental scale of the mass migration is documented at various points along the refugees’ journey out of Syria and into Western Europe. Each point along their journey was affected by geography, whether sea, pastoral farmland, or war-torn desert. Using international news stories, Google Earth, and numerical data from the United Nations, each panel pieces together the journey in one geographic map.