Katherine Taylor

Gallery Affiliations: Marcia Wood Gallery

Region: South

My paintings examine the visual relationships that mediate our experience, particularly our response to destruction. In Spillover, this refers to the ways human beings organize and shape the landscape to achieve foundations that are destined to fail. The paintings play with the perception of distance to bring abstract surfaces into being, and thus describe a space between seeing and knowing. Because painting possesses the unique ability to impart the illusion of moving space and a fixed impression of deep space, these qualities coupled with the geometry that orders our lives can create a phenomenological state.

My work has long related to the notion of disaster and to the way we use the land to support our needs. Because disaster threatens our reliance on order, images of destruction point to human emotion and the paradoxes we create. We are served by roadways, pools, bridges, and waterways, and when these engineered measures are overburdened, we come to understand the extent of our involvement in the nature that surrounds us.