Katelyn Farstad

Gallery Affiliations: GAS

Region: Midwest

Website: http://www.katelyn-farstad.com

City / State: Minneapolis, MN

It cracked a hair’s width; tiny beams of optimism poured through and hit the floor on my side of things, reflecting off a mirror and refracting stoppage in my eyes. I sustained no permanent injuries when trouncing this wall, in fact the medial blow to the mind made my sweeping and instantaneous actions to follow seem like taking out the trash. Then I took out the trash. Staring at the object, I realized that it is and can only be what it is if I continue to do just that. Do not look away. Fight every urge to stop looking. Hold your breath, and see how long it takes to remember to breathe. When I forget to breathe I always feel so aggravated, as if someone were keeping me from what’s mine. May one day hit a wall; no longer glue stuff . . . I as myself. To ignore reality is demanding and to accept it is impossible. I feel quite satisfied when it appears that it is as close as it could be.