Kate Stewart

Gallery Affiliations: Vox Populi

Region: Northeast

Website: http://www.katestewartstudio.com/

City / State: Lebanon, PA

My work reveals my interests in interior design, cultural iconography, and identity formation. My paintings often depict time suspended in a place where there are virtually no inhabitants. Elements of modest home fashion are married with catastrophic current events to reveal the escapism and ignorance that pervades American culture.

Recently I am interested in exploring the idea of "escaping" even further. Whether it is escaping in our favorite television programs from the distortion of recent headlines, or the physical act of escaping a disaster scene... or even quite possibly, escaping the monotony of everyday life by going on a vacation. Americans have the luxury of choosing what atrocities they want to see. There is a tension between maintaining status quo within our own private lives and being a morally responsible citizen in the world. It is this kind of tension that I am interested in capturing in my work, with a little bit of sarcasm.