Kate Pincus-Whitney

Region: MFA Annual

Website: http://www.katepincuswhitney.com

City / State: los angeles, CA

 Through the female lens, my works revolve around the theater of the dinner table, synthesizing mythology and contemporary life. Exploring and expanding identity in response to Jane Bennett’s ideology of “vibrant matter,” and tapping into Donna Harraway’s concept of “open-circuit identity,” these works focus on the relationship between body, object, gender, narrative, and affect. We all must eat. How do the objects we consume and surround ourselves with become a part of our cultural and psychological understanding of self? For me, nothing is more intimate than sharing a meal. Feminist, maximalist, and unapologetically colorful, I navigate the collective unconscious, the human spirit, and personal memoir of self. Shape-shifting between satirical images of advertising, intimate table memento moris, resilience, narrative portraiture, and food, I am interested in unpacking the roles we play and the masks we wear. Created by an artist- anthropologist armed with a visual vocabulary, the works span materials, from large-scale mixed-media installations to hand- poured metal busts and shamanic sculptures—expanding on my deep dedication to the medium of paint.