Kate Barbee

Region: Pacific Coast

Website: http://Katebarbeeart.com

City / State: Glendale, CA

 The palpable tension in my work is born from a flurried, dysmorphic relationship to my body and the visceral power within it. Each painting is comprised of fragments of art-historical symbols, acts of raw sexuality, archival scraps of textural fabrics, and clippings from my own reality. I see every piece as a singular autobiographical moment depicted through a perspective that is removed from the actual experience—floating somewhere in proximity.

I begin with either a light color wash on the canvas, or no treatment at all, abstaining from any preparatory sketching. Instead, I dive into improvisational outlining, taking acrylic directly to the surface to lay a foundation. I search for the rhythm of the painting by rummaging through a big box of dismembered pieces, then sew in the scraps, often revitalizing the color of their new surface.

This process is a way to remain private, presenting a disorientation of forms snatched from personal experiences. Each visual and conceptual fragment included within the work reflects aspects of memories both detached and intimate.