Karminadeebora McMillan

Region: Northeast

Website: http://www.karmimadeebora.com/

City / State: Cambridge , MA

I want the viewer to step inside my work and question the time and place of my characters. The figures I’m currently using represent different areas of African American culture. I’m intermingling these characters to begin to create contemporary black figures, by taking them out of their normal context and placing them in my created landscapes.

As an African America artist I’m beginning to truly understand the effects of history and how it bends and folds to create who we are today. History is not created in a straight line; thoughts of the past along with what is happening right now is how we make history.

I want viewers to question these figures, the figures’ place, and themselves. The goal of my work is to think and question who we are, where we come from, and how we became the people we are today.