Karin Waskiewicz

Gallery Affiliations: Schroeder Romero & Shredder

Region: Northeast

Website: http://Www.karinwaskiewicz.com

City / State: Brooklyn , NY

Currently my artwork addresses the physical properties of painting utilizing both conventional and unconventional methods. By placing my focus on the depth and physicality of materials commonly viewed as two-dimensional, I combine cross-disciplinary practices to create a new way of seeing.

My process begins with acrylic paint applied in thick layers, creating a sequence of colors to later be unveiled. After the layers are applied, one mark is made. Every mark is a reaction to the previous marks.The painting emerges as I carve away at the thick surface, intuitively revealing and investigating the depth of the paint, creating a world in paint alone.These paintings reflect formations found in the natural world. The shapes created are both organic and mechanical.The repetition of marks connect visually, causing the paintings to reverberate and mimic movement. Currently I am interested in the collective behavior of groups of organisms; the accumulation of fish, birds, migrating animals and movements of others. Like flocks of starlings forming a tight formation in flight, my carved marks also expand, contract, and change shape.