Kamila Szczesna

Region: West

Website: http://www.kamilaszczesna.com/home

City / State: GALVESTON, TX

Science, and its limitations, have always interested me. My work is about all that science can neither describe nor reproduce. It reflects on the mystery of human existence, embraces the irrational, and points out the poetry of life at a physiological level. The general flow of dynamics and of time is almost palpable in my work. Everything is matter built with tirelessly moving particles, which raises questions: How does one measure anything if the object and the subject of the study are submitted to constant change? How much can one know about reality, when everything is perceived through the senses and analyzed by the brain, an operation that creates a narrow but inevitable gap? We experience the past, never the present.

My work addresses ambiguity, the dual nature of things, and the state of confusion and wonder.