Kaloust Guedel

Region: Pacific Coast

Website: http://www.zdom.com

My work investigates the relationship between transition and space.
Transitions may be identified in four general groups:
Additive - addition, introduction, reference, similarity, identification and clarification
Adversative - emphasis, concession, dismissal, replacement and conflict
Causal - cause/reason, effect/result, purpose and consequence
Sequential - numerical, summation, conclusion, continuation, digression and resumption

Transitions harbor dynamic properties. In my work the meaning is re-identified, re-defined and re-introduced in visual terms as a reflection of its contribution in countless aspects of life.

I am not trying to dismiss the passed, but to emphasize the present by keeping in touch with the pulse of life. To me there is no such thing as abstraction. Each form, line, color, shape, or concept is deeply rooted into reality as I perceive to be. Without concrete reference to any of above mentioned values,  It's hard to have a satisfactory outcome, or even imagine one. The process of creation is spontaneous and rarely thinking comes into play. I consider physical involvement in this process very important. Without it, you may end up having a compromised outcome not because other can not do better, but because it can not be consistent with my sensibility and as importantly, may demolish opportunities that is presented to me by the medium.

An artists work usually supports the construct of a single direction with the work illustrating a singularly dedicated characteristic or agenda. This application has no practical presents in my creative approach. I prefer to work with various mediums which in turn offer new possibilities due to their unique properties, as have tendency to offer characteristics unlike others and play suggestive role in the process. To me each work is an opportunity for a new experimentation. I use traditional and none traditional mediums as well as materials with reflective and transparent characteristics. Often, I produce details on a separate surface and transfer to the final place. This process adopts the surface characteristics of the original field, which may bring a new form of dialogue to the scene.