Kako Ueda

Gallery Affiliations: George Adams Gallery

Region: Northeast

Paper has been my primary medium of choice for a long time. It is an everyday material, yet has the potential to manifest itself in surprisingly diverse ways. For the last four years I have created work by cutting paper. The process results in something of a hybrid, an object that is both drawing and sculpture.

My cut-paper pieces incorporate references to world myths, fairy tales, art and medical history, science, and body politics. I am interested in organic beings—insects, animals, vegetation and human bodies and how they are born out of nature but constantly influenced and modified by culture. One of the recurring themes in my work is the ancient Greek idea of the macrocosm and the microcosm. Basically, it is an idea to see the same patterns in all levels of reality--in the body, in nature, etc.--the body as environment, the environment as the body.