Justin Richel

Gallery Affiliations: Galerie Voss

Region: West

Website: http://www.justinrichel.com

City / State: Roswell, NM

In this series my focus is on the resiliency of nature over man, despite man’s attempt to harness nature’s power and live outside of it. I create playfully sadistic portraits that are reminiscent of early Colonial American nobility with exaggerated wigs that nearly topple, billow and swirl. Like plumage, these wigs are meant to impress, and perhaps even threaten. Their wigs are evidence of wealth and power, symbols of status and examples of conspicuous consumption. These men sit ridged and firm in their positions of power and deeply entrenched in their glory, essentially becoming living “monuments” of their own making. Meanwhile, nature takes its course: birds move into their wigs, fungus and lichen grow on them freely, and fires threaten to engulf them. All the while they struggle to save face and maintain a proud and victorious posture, ignoring their surroundings and the ensuing predicaments.