Justin Bower

Gallery Affiliations: Ace Gallery

Region: Pacific Coast

Website: https://justinbower.com/

In this series of paintings I use an anonymous image culled from the internet and reinterpret it in each painting, thus destabilizing its subjectivity and shifting an eternal and fixed self. The multiplicity and endless variation of this image reaffirms the tension between the digital image and a real world counterpoint.

With my work, I show that body boundaries are putting into question the stability of subjectivity, both literally and figuratively. My subjects are contradictory and unstable; in an un-fixed position. I complicate the function of skin/flesh as a boundary between biological interiority and externalized technologies through the sense of space‚ or openings in the flesh. My post-human subjects play with the boundaries separating the organic and mechanic, the human and non-human, interior and exterior, and binaries of the self and the other. My paintings depict transformation, metamorphosis and catastrophe.