In June Park

Region: Northeast

 As an immigrant, I find that the predisposition to seek the familiar when navigating the strange and foreign is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it speaks to our incredible capability to locate comfort as a means of survival; yet on the other, it can hinder our ability to integrate and contribute to the new world around us. This is a tension that I am constantly exploring within myself and when I engage with my surroundings. As a painter, I am curious about further exploring the constructs that create these conditions for immigrants and what consequential effects these choices have. My works portray these questions, visualizing them by collaging moments and bringing them into close conversations with another. Confrontations are an effective way to dissect some of the more politicized and personal parts of the content. At the core, my works function as fuel for expanded research into the history of immigration, and act as points of meditation for broader concepts such as religion and familial history.