Julie Davidow

Region: South

Website: https://www.instagram.com/juliedavidowart/

City / State: Fort Lauderdale, FL

I am a frustrated scientist collecting specimens of the organic and inorganic worlds, motivated to create art by an endless curiosity for the natural sciences, the systems that govern its functions, and the relationship of those systems colliding with man's coexistence and interference. These relationships are explored through painting, drawing, and site-specific wall drawings of biomorphic shapes.

These shapes interact and respond to one another, like organisms under a microscope, spreading tendrils out into the space of the two dimensional plane. The imagery is drawn from biological, sexual, botanical, geological, cartographic, and architectural influences.

Recent work reveals a more dynamic and complex organization as conflicts heat up. The introduction of more acid and fluorescent colors to an otherwise subdued palette supports this intensification. Fiery, biomorphic forms seek to infiltrate and infect the status quo, while interference pigments, those that produce the spectrum of color found in butterfly wings, bird feathers, beetles, and seashells, allude to the disruption of this tenuous balance. Masses of flat color reference both the built environment encroaching on these systems, and the subsequent retreat of regions considered too remote to be affected.