Julie Condon

Region: West

I make detailed, narrative representational drawings. I find obsessive repetitive mark making mentally and physically challenging, like running. Some drawings are of events that actually happened, while others are of occurrences that happen only in my mind. After a while, the drawing process takes over, and it becomes hard for me to say if what an image depicts actually happened or not. Most drawings are born out of the funny stories I tell my friends, while others come from dreams. My stories and my dreams are highly detailed, and I try to be honest about these particulars. I feel close to my characters when I draw their hairstyles, clothes, shoes and furniture. I like to think that it is impossible to fully understand the meaning of my images, and that what I believe to be true or factual about the work is at best a temporary, partial truth. The first line of the Dao De Jing is, "The way that can be expressed is not the true Way." Drawing is a way for thinking about stuff I can't understand.