Julia J. Wolfe

Region: MFA Annual

Website: http://www.juliajwolfe.com

City / State: Iowa City, IA

My work is a collection of brightly colored paintings, prints, drawings, found objects, made objects, and poems. It combines playful comedy and satire with a mishmash of weightier subjects. Throughout my work, I bring together mass-produced objects and imagery with a childlike and whimsical aesthetic. The viewer walks into a lively space, a world of curated objects, wall drawings, and characters that appear to be up to something. It’s like pages from a children’s book that have been sprinkled with snippets of scripts from late-night talk shows where current events and pop culture are discussed. The work provides laughter, optimism, and inward-looking thought and/or critique. It is playground-esque and humorously innocent, yet simultaneously comments on our culture of consumption.