Judy Rushin

Region: South

My work addresses the problem of building with paintings. With modular construction as the central quotation, I use panels and pigment as “prefab” systems that create new spatial relationships within existing architectures.

I am deeply committed to the following ideas and address them in my practice:

1. Repetitive work, such as drilling, pouring, sanding, and measuring, is the labor of industry, and art making is an industrious job.

2. It is possible that repetitive honing by hand may imbue a work with more humanity than a large painterly gesture.

3. You can build something big from small parts (or cover large distances by taking small steps).

4. Color is delightful and beautiful.

5. Connecting walls with zip ties and hobby brackets is not stable . . . but not unstable either, because in a gallery the work has its own force field.

6. I am committed to the idea of mutual generosity on the part of the artist and viewer.

7. Just as language inelegantly morphs and adapts when necessary, so does art, and my work is happily and awkwardly adrift.