Josue Pellot

Region: Midwest

Website: http://www.josuepellot.coM

City / State: chicago, IL

Much of my creative scholarship is informed by the dual current cultural climates in Chicago and Puerto Rico. The content of my works, whether they are recontextualized existing products or original constructions, reflects a similar duality.

Through an aesthetic of minimalism, social practice, vernacular imagery, and consumer goods, I mine the roots of cultural and sociopolitical structures. By focusing on a reduced palette, a single form, a pose, or an object, my formal choices emphasize both overt and clandestine meaning.

Everyday things are made up of evolving histories, associations, and relationships. I isolate, reduce, and abstract these things to define moments of clarity within the complexity of identity. Working with these themes, my practice continues to respond to changing cultural environments, resulting in a framework in which any number of social, geographical, or ideological signifiers can be seen.