Josias Figueirido Rivas

Region: Northeast


City / State: Laredo, TX

My work emerges from an examination of current philosophical contradictions and how they play out in everyday life. I am interested in the rapidly changing intellectual moods that take place in our society, and how they affect every area of our private and public life. My new work engages primarily with topics related to philosophy and psychology, such as definitions, tolerance, meaning, certainty, loneliness, and pain, and it also addresses the growing developments, effects, and challenges of technology, such as surveillance, information overload, transhumanism, and robotics.

The narratives in my work are invented, and they take place in spaces that oscillate between the digital and real worlds. They originate in collages made up of parts of my drawings, found photographs, and online images. My iconography is largely based on visual strategies found in animations and video games. I carefully consider the flexibility of the medium I use, and often employ a range of materials, including fabric, paper, glitter, and rhinestones.