Josias Figueirido

Region: Northeast


City / State: Laredo, TX

In 2022, Josias Figueirido started to create a fictional world in 3D modeling that would channel his personal experiences and reflections on topics related to immigration. He is inspired by biographical events and life at the Mexico-US border. In his ever-growing world, there is currently one main space, called the Garden, which is a safe and idyllic place. The Garden’s main inhabitants are two friends, Piri the Dreamer and Flying Coyote, who playfully engage with the space, with one another, and with other characters they encounter. The story of Piri the Dreamer and Flying Coyote is primarily one of universal friendship and the unexpected bond that grows between people who were never intended to meet or get along but are united by the same desire for a new beginning far from their places of origin. Their story speaks of turning disadvantages into advantages, new beginnings, and never giving up on dreams. Combining digital and analog processes, the narrative is unfolded and presented to the viewer primarily through airbrushed paintings.