Joshua Huyser

Region: Midwest


City / State: St. Paul, MN

This body of work began as way for me to process, through visual means, certain aspects of my life as the father of a child with special needs. While the experience of raising my boy has been incredibly enlightening and joyful, self-doubt and concerns about the future have also been present in my journey as a parent. Initially, this series portrayed narratives describing personal situations—metaphorical self-portraits, if you will. However, this subject eventually became less personal and more about the universal uncertainty of the quietly powerful moments that hover over the boundary that separates feelings of safety and danger, preparedness and ineptitude, success and failure, or even anxiety and quiet comfort. Objects isolated in bleak, austere, and nearly unintelligible atmospheric settings make it possible for light, color, and form to come together to create oddly meditative abstract visages in a manner similar to tantric art. Yet in reality these moments can be frightening life-or-death situations. This particular rub holds my interest.