Josh Storer

Region: MFA Annual

City / State: Herriman, UT

 Consumer culture and visual culture are two parts of the same runaway train that’s moving faster than ever before. Branding, advertising, and fashion are constantly changing course in an effort to keep up with what’s new, innovative, and hot. Because of my background in graphic design, I’ve witnessed firsthand the inner workings of this corporate-driven gold rush for what’s trending, and my artwork is, in large part, a byproduct of it.

My intent is to rethink and repurpose the discarded visuals and tangible remains of our society as a way of recognizing, documenting, and understanding their impact on personal and family identities. Familiar imagery, typography, patterns, and iconography are present in the work to communicate my associations with them while simultaneously referencing their socially established meanings. I also employ a varied range of mediums and found materials in each piece to address our physical interactions with consumer/visual culture as well.