Josh Reames

Gallery Affiliations: Circuit 12 Contemporary

Region: Midwest

Lately, I have been thinking of paintings as a framing device for the filtering and flattening of references. Painting, snowflakes, cruisin’, artifice, Dave Hickey, abstraction, Vegas, ZZ Top, the beginning or end, artificial intelligence, progress, the gesture, tropical vacations, bad taste, being serious, sunsets, escapism, “the ideal,” bifocal lenses, tanning salons, beauty, early ‘80s American punk rock, oil, palm trees, after midnight, the singularity, are all things that keep coming up in the paintings. Within this frame, I remove any hierarchy within the references, to stress the relativity of the parts and pieces. I see relativity as an accurate way of describing and relating to things; instead of an absolute statement about something, I find it more appropriate to deal in propositions or provisional truths.

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August 7, 2013 September 16, 2013