Joseph Phillips

Gallery Affiliations: Champion Contemporary

Region: West


City / State: Austin, TX

My work addresses the relationship between the chaos of nature and the attempt society makes to create order out of chaos. It is through this constructed order that I begin to understand our existence, desires, dreams, and fears. My work reflects my view of humanity, and the dualities that I believe are inherent everywhere in our world. My work reconciles the exponential growth of collective human knowledge with our inversely diminishing individual capacity to comprehend it all. It is as much a celebration of humanity’s creativity as it is an indictment of our carelessness. It strikes a balance between my disillusionment and my sense of wonder, and between my fears and my hopes. I am equally impressed with the ingenuity of our solutions as I am distressed by the scope of our problems. Through intentionally naive, oversimplified dissections of our environment, I am trying to come to terms with the complexity of our existence and the enormity of the problems that confront us.