Jorge Mujica

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: Hollywood, CA

Growing up in Los Angeles, I often noticed graffiti and murals. The attitude and the history behind the two practices has influenced my artistic direction, helping me understand art as a statement of self, communities, people, and culture.

I work from quick line drawings to generate shapes, and edit the drawings to reach the desired composition. Keeping the imperfections and reactive gestures I convert the drawing into a three-dimensional, free-standing painting surface, avoiding the need for a wall. I want to make something related to a mural in its narrative and geography, and graffiti in terms of urban style and abstraction.

I focus on drawing and conceive ways to enhance its nature via scale, materials, and process. When realized in space, the line drawing creates an empty vessel that I color using spray paint, lettering enamel, oil paint, ink, and pigment. The titles provide a semiotic narrative that gives the viewer a visual trip.