Jorge Alegria

Region: West


City / State: Corpus Christi, TX

Currently, my work is informed by science fiction, cinema, and movie production. Observing the landscape while bird watching, maintaining farms of fire ants, breeding guppies in pickle jars, studying my field guides, watching episodes of Wild Kingdom and Nova . . . all of these experiences from my youth also influence the kind of work I have been producing. For me, the practice is about making an image for myself. I do not instill a message into the work. What I hope to achieve is a visual experience for the viewer.

The War of the Angels is based on a personal universe of planets, landscapes, and lifeforms. This series of drawings is inspired by my own science fiction/fantasy narrative, beginning during the biblical flood. I generate thumbnail and concept sketches to explore possible compositions. I make the graphite drawings using pencils, cotton pads, paint brushes, mechanical pencils, and powdered graphite. I also use removable tape, hand-cut stencils, and a variety of erasers.