JooYoung Choi

Region: West


City / State: Houston, TX

Through painting, video, sculpture, animation, and music, multidisciplinary artist JooYoung Choi documents the interconnecting narratives of a highly structured, expansive fictional land called the Cosmic Womb. This paracosm, which stretches over 6,732 miles, is governed by Queen Kiok with the help of her council of Tuplets and one Earthling from Concord, New Hampshire, named C. S. Watson. Guided by the Cosmic Womb mythology, Choi creates work that merges the autobiographic with the fantastic in visual form.

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Choi emigrated to the States in 1983 by way of adoption. In 2008, she returned to South Korea and reunited with her birth family. This experience continues to influence the stories and ideas behind her art.