Jon Suit

Region: South


City / State: Fayetteville, AR

My recent work explores how primary elements (line, shape, color) may be manipulated to provide an impetus for personal analogy. Often, there is an insinuation of symbolism in the work. The suggestion of a symbol-like image or icon elicits viewers’ personal, subjective conceptualizations of potential meanings within the perceived “work of art.” Using a reductive visual language, I emphasize formal and material relationships, thus foregrounding the tangible, physical object against the more elusive, intangible dialogue occurring between an active viewer and the objective image.

As I work, I face a conflict between my fondness for traditional painting and the demand for a more contemporary, interactive experience. I will continue to examine ties between the art world and the rest of society, evaluating how “art” is conceived, manufactured, consumed, and accepted by the artist, viewer, and user, all of them occupying shifting roles of subject and object.