John Fraser

Region: Midwest

I am primarily concerned with formal and material issues. While my works are restrained and reductive in composition, value, and color use, the additive and accumulative nature of my process and the visible evidence of facture presents them as possible carriers of meaning. Architectural references are suggested via structure, geometry, shape, texture, and the forms themselves; a builder’s logic is always employed. My work does not comment, narrate, or declare, and with the materials I select, from varied origins, the works perhaps exist simply as discrete artifacts of my involvement.

The found material that I have responded to, and put into service, connects my work to the physical changes and exchanges that exist within our shared environment, while other materials, primarily wood and paper, ground it in the natural world. My work aspires to be timeless and to arrest a potential viewer for an extended period of time. What remains for consideration is incident and metaphor . . . One can be seen, the other is more elusive . . .