John Bailly

Region: South

I juxtapose random imagery from multiple sources, utilizing diverse and unrelated content in an attempt to capture the chaotic nature of data and information. In doing so, I question the legitimacy and relevance of this information both with regard to traditional belief systems and to our daily lives (especially my own).. Is information really quantifiable, classifiable and systematic as it first appears or is it really nonsensical and random? And more importantly, why do we as humans seek to impose order over the chaos by our relentless efforts to compartmentalize and classify the materials, experiences and concepts that we are exposed to?

Formally, I attempt to challenge traditional methods of constructing the content of a work of art. By the random selection of imagery, I allow content to form itself from random data. In order to translate this subject conceptually into form, it is important for me to complement the variety of subjects with a wide range of formal techniques: oil painting, monoprinting, linocuts, collage, frottage, and ink drawing. As a result, my work varies dramatically in subject and form. The data determines the composition, becoming an end in itself.