Joey Cocciardi

Region: Northeast


City / State: High Falls, NY

Currently, my studio is filled with trail markers I have removed from the Michigan “wilderness.”

I am interested in where collective experience begins to fracture and become idiosyncratic. My work represents the point of transition from an expectation to experience, wilderness to wildness, confronting to being confronted. I catalogue these moments through documentation.

In an ongoing project I fit myself with a steel box before setting out on a trail. When I reach the point of exhaustion and disorientation, I gather the surrounding detritus into the box. The form of the rectilinear structure is breached by its bulging contents. I leave the box, return to my point of departure, and retrace my steps. I then document the moment of my rediscovery and confrontation of the object.

What happens in the studio is a continuation of this process. I look for the moment when the materials are on the brink of doing something seemingly unnatural, both strange and unfamiliar.