Joey Borovicka

Region: Midwest


City / State: Springfield, MO

The canvas is my surface on which to play around, a place where I can build terrains to explore or secluded rooms to occupy and decorate, where I can construct spaces, tear them back down, and shove things into each other to see what happens. I watch the paintings grow as images pile up and erode away.

Objects in the paintings are flattened, outlined, pixelated, and appear pasted in. They are representational while revealing their artificiality. It is all paint. Our imaginations transform it into a reality. I want to create believable worlds that also remind the viewer they are engaged in a game of make believe.

The disasters serve as a metaphor for the impermanence of life. When I work I’m exploring my own memory, summoning details of houses I’ve lived in, or minutiae I’ve observed while walking down the street. I take advantage of the freedom a painter has to pilfer images from television, the Internet, music, and daily experience and turn them into something new; my personal cacophony of images and associations.