Joel Daniel Phillips

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: Tulsa, OK

My creative process is inherently about labor. Against the modern backdrop of instant, image-driven gratification, I have found the physical process involved in the painstaking rendering of a subject or a moment to be ever more important. The focus of this work centers on questions of truth, historical amnesia, and the veracity of the stories we tell ourselves about our collective pasts. The drawings are recontextualizations of archival historical material, and walk the line between describing a shared, forgotten history and prophesying a terrifying, Orwellian future. I am fascinated by the way our societal amnesia is such that we have entirely lost touch with events that should have been indelibly burned into our collective cultural psyche. While the works come directly from actual recorded moments, they create a dizzying sense of dreamlike dislocation—are the images real? A dream? It is this tension between imagination and reality, actual past and possible future, that I wish to explore.