Joe Morzuch

Region: South


City / State: Starkville, MS

 I am interested in the visual and communicative potential of objects that are cast off, discarded, and overlooked. Inherent to still life is an engagement with the mundane and domestic, as well as the notion of an arrested visual experience. These subjects, their intrinsic intimacy, and the process of working from life are rich with pictorial and conceptual possibilities.

I work in a responsive manner directly from the motif, depicting objects at or near life-size and within reach of the viewer. I am drawn to certain objects for their utility, the familiarity and simplicity of their form, and their ability to connect with a viewer through a shared experience of their use.

At the core of my practice is a curiosity to uncover and reconstruct a visual order. During the painting process, adjustments of tone, color, and proportion lead to an articulation of form and space built on extended observation. The paintings retain traces of these adjustments, speaking as both image and object.