Jody Guralnick

Gallery Affiliations: David Floria Gallery

Region: West

This work is about observation; it mingles the forms of the microscopic and macroscopic world—rods, spheres, buds, blossoms, and leaves. It is about the intersection of the individual and the collective natural world.

Drips and splashes of acrylic are fixed to the painting surface with straight pins, mimicking the traditional preservation of insect specimens. Capturing the paint gesture brings the sense of discovery I also have when I gather fragments in nature. Nature, intrusive and voluptuous, seeks to make itself known, as if the outside world were oozing into ours. I seek to replicate the mystery of the forms I see and invite them into our housebound lives—to explore the word “native” in every sense. I am celebrating—with a sense of urgency—what is becoming the increasingly tenuous relationship between nature and the manmade.