Jody Christian

Region: Northeast


City / State: Brooklyn, NY

My present body of work involves the depiction of interior space and objects by drawing with charcoal. I am most interested in home environments and the way that a person arranges their living situation. Drawing becomes a way of revealing the particular, and perhaps unsettling, characteristics of an everyday, commonplace setting. The act of rendering becomes meditative, providing a place where I can concentrate and still my mind, while giving form to my unspoken thoughts. As I begin to analyze the form and light that is around me, I notice and appreciate physical space in a more meaningful way. I come to realize that the things we see around us every day contain a world of beauty and information that is typically overlooked. However, the drawings never directly reproduce the scene in front of me. As I’m drawing, my interior thoughts become linked to the tangible things I’m lingering over, and a sense of my inner thought process remains in the finished product.