Jiwoo Choi

Region: Northeast

City / State: New York, NY

 I am an artist who uses color to explore and express the feelings of loneliness and isolation, as well as positive energy. My works blend both candid and surreal visual elements, and depict lone figures in socially isolated environments. They try to approach people with curiosity through a fantastic and dreamy atmosphere. I hope to convey a sense of the rather sublime moments of transcendence that one can feel in times of intense or extreme transition. My palette can shift from having a dark and melancholy look in some areas, to being almost overcharged with color in others. The subjects’ eyes also give the work a living feeling by communicating with the emotions expressed in the background. The bright pastel tone of colors and aura, contrasted with melancholy emotions, creates an atmosphere that seems alive and interesting. Through the use of various color expressions and narrative gestures, my work reveals the hidden, often unpleasant emotions of life. I allow viewers who feel lonely and isolated to embrace their own aura and find shelter in their hearts.