Jin Jeong

Region: MFA Annual

Website: http://jin-jeong.com

City / State: NEW YORK, NY

 Would my subjects’ identities be exposed if I were to describe how they are grounded? I felt it safe to assume that the way my subject matter would sit or lay down would inevitably reveal their natural charm, which contributes to intimating the abstract sensation of calmness. Especially, those of the legs are likely to expose one’s true sentiments.

Throughout the day, one would often resort to their most natural positions in the process of reaction. My works are a culmination of the recollection of oneself and their subconscious choice of posture pertaining to their legs. Strangers with whom I do not interact but with whom I share the same space. The layers of translucent paints corresponding to the uni cation of formal elements will merge as one in works to represent the complexity of oneself and existence altogether in life. I try to follow the belief that life can only coexist. Illustrating my shared time and space with people, I examine groundedness and individual subliminal properties by delineating body movement in exclusive color palettes.