Jin Jeong

Region: MFA Annual

Website: http://jin-jeong.com

City / State: NEW YORK, NY

 By portraying a departure from or presence in nature, my images demonstrate my fundamental purpose: to offer breathable moments that are necessary for delivering immediacy, traces of processes, and natural reactions. The narrative initiates finding a space where one can feel rooted or catch a subtle glimpse of serenity amid the anxieties of experiencing compound feelings. The abstract landscape has a certain weight and intended perspective that conveys serenity and suffocation simultaneously. The various tones of colors, brushstrokes, and broad levels of transparency and opacity symbolize the diverse, abstract languages of my stream of consciousness. I desire my paintings to speak about emotions by appreciating the image itself rather than giving a boring lecture of nonsense connotations. Thus, my works could be called “emotional landscapes.” I create a space that resonates with the feelings of being rooted—settled, yet still moving and flexible enough to notice the liveliness in nature.