Jim Richard

Gallery Affiliations: Arthur Roger Galley, Inman Gallery, Jeff Bailey Gallery

Region: South

Over several decades, I have painted interiors that comment on culture and style. In these works, I envision a brand of collecting without restraint, where the high and the low collide, then marry. There are no people because there is no room for them and they are not needed. Absurdities are everywhere: overcrowding is unabated, spatial norms are tortured, and fine art objects have no sway over the considerably less fine. Oddly enough, the meticulously rendered result is more appealing and inviting than not. The painting process continues until all is commanded into a state of rigorous order, giving a false sense of perfection when, in fact, much is not right. The image becomes a frozen cartoon rendered in a style that has been referred to as Post-Pop and in colors that appear synthetic, more closely related to the product world than the organic one.