Jill Weber

Gallery Affiliations: Nina Freudenheim Gallery, Bromfield Gallery

Region: Northeast

Architectural details, both real and invented, are the source for my work. Skylights present a metaphor for the potential for movement and escape. Their effect is often one of surprise, delight and a sense of the expansion of space.

I approach the paintings as constructions. Development of surface and texture is important to the process, while additions and removals expose the underlying history and foundation of each piece. The combination of matte and glazed surfaces contributes to a sense of light and transparency, juxtaposed against architectural structure.

By creating two dimensional equivalents of spatial constructs I consider atmosphere, light, material, scale, pattern, volume, solids and voids. By combining drawing and painting, ambiguous places are created; the immeasurable spaces are almost tangible and can be entered and negotiated with a sense of disorientation.