Jiha Moon

Gallery Affiliations: Saltworks, Mary Ryan Gallery, Curator's Office, Miki Wick Kim Contemporary

Region: South

Website: http://jihamoon.com

City / State: Tallassee, FL

Moving from one place to the other, surrounded by multiple cultures, I often imagine places where opposite dreams coexist. Excitement and danger, slow and fast, loud and soft, the beauty of the old and new all co-mingle in my world.

There are certain shapes and colors that I recognize as having meaning. I often interpret these as a unique way to complete the world. I try not to judge them. Signs, flags and little templates are floating around and guiding where to walk, drive, fly or jump. I never know where I am. The landscape is weightless and upside down, as if I am standing on the edge of a cliff on my tip toes. I am getting lost in space. Wind and water become giant creatures. There is no way to determine if these are friendly or not. I keep on moving. Watchers are everywhere. They are watching me like the way my mother's voice runs through the telephone, becoming rainbow tendrils of twisted and tangled vines all over this nonsense elsewhere. It is one world now. It takes one minute, seventeen hours, nine days, sometimes two years or longer to travel. The world is built full of mistakes, spills, misunderstandings, splashes, laughs and stains of blue and brown which grow into trees and voices. Everything is becoming something else here and nothing can be undone. The world used to be two, three, four of even, uneven numbers of multiples..... It is one, where I live. This isn't my day dream but this is where I am. I am here, and I am telling myself that I know this place.