Jessica Simorte

Region: West


City / State: Spring, TX

These small acrylic paintings ultimately connect to the public through what I see as one of many universal cultural connections, the pull of place that operates on all of us. This work is an ongoing examination of how artmaking can serve as a mode of placemaking. Through painting I am able to create environments that engage in a manner that is suggestive but not specific. These works are meditations on the infinite power of physical and psychological space.

Abstraction is the framework with which I investigate ideas of place dependence and the psychological need to belong somewhere; approaching abstraction as an allegorical language is ideal for connecting the nonconcrete value of belonging within space. I have adopted a sincere approach to contemporary painting—these works are produced with an introverted inclination and modest scale. By looking at interiors through the filter of materials and physicality, the work ultimately focuses on drawing and painting as a means of navigating physical and intangible places.