Jessica Cannon

Region: Northeast


City / State: Glen Head, NY

I paint cosmic feminine landscapes that reflect individual and collective searching. This search happens along two orbits––out in the vast universe, as described by physics, and inside an interior world shaped by lived and felt experience.

My paintings feature waves in different formations––rising, leaning, merging into each other, crashing onto themselves. I like the universal and figurative quality of waves and the durational aspect of something that takes a form, changes, and dissolves into a field.

I grew up in New York and accessed open space by visiting the beach or looking up at the sky. Recently, I began reading physics books and connected with their poetic descriptions of the universe. Two ideas resonated: first, the ocean and sky––the places I’ve returned to since childhood––are made from the same materials as my body; and second, waves exist in everything from the invisible to the immense.

These ideas help form a visual language that describes where I overlap with the universe: through pleasure and destruction, feelings and questions, peace, doubt, and mystery.